The reasons are simple: we are experts
in accounting and tax compliance, management reporting, business growth and funding

Why Choose AMAS?

Recognised as Scotland's leading, niche provider of accounting, tax and business compliance services, business growth and strategy experts, succession planning and business funding specialists. AMAS Accounting has been establishing trusted, caring and productive accountancy relationships with businesses across Ayrshire and Scotland since 2002.

AMAS is a member of the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and Accelerate Ayrshire, and an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

We work with a diverse range of clients from differing sectors. Some of our clients sectors include:

  • Environmental
  • Care Sector
  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing
  • SAAS Companies
  • Electronic
  • Travel
  • Consultancy
  • Retail
  • Property development
  • and more

AMAS offers a fully rounded support service through the trusting and caring relationship we build with every client, and we’re confident you’ll agree the expertise and improvements we bring represent value for money.

Our Clients

Our clients value our service and trust the relationships we build with them.

They appreciate the choices we create for them, the savings we can make and the assistance we provide in decision-making through clarity and understanding. We understand the numbers and our commitment to building that relationship means you can be confident we understand your business too.

Our clients are generally trying to focus on growing their businesses and raising finance through grants, banks or business angels. It makes sense to allow experts to take on the standard accounting and tax compliance burden to allow you to concentrate on growth. With AMAS, you can do this, secure in the knowledge that you have a trusted relationship with an expert service provider who will not only meet your accounting and compliance deadlines but also increase your tax efficiency, help you increase profit and assist you in developing your business.

We can also help with: 

  • planning to save tax
  • advising on tax-efficient structures
  • improving profit
  • inheritance planning
  • succession planning
  • business sale or transfer
  • techniques to manage finances and the business in general
  • general professional business advice.

If you’re an energetic, ambitious business owner looking to build a strong, trusting relationship with your accountant, call us today. We’d be delighted to show you what we can do for you.

Call us today on 01292 388 031 and see how we can undertake your accounting and tax compliance and grow your business with available funding or send us an email here