Over £2m of funding secured
in the last year!

What makes us funding experts?

As funding experts, Amas’s track record in securing funding for local businesses is second to none. In 2018 alone, we have secured over £2m in funding for businesses with an average claim of £61.5k. Our skills and expertise mean that we are uniquely positioned to guarantee success. We work closely with funding providers and know what information is required of clients to secure funding and make the process more efficient and successful.

Most businesses are unaware of the plethora of funding initiatives available to them and that’s where Amas adds direct value to your business.

A sample of funding initiatives we have secured for numerous companies, in a variety of sectors, range from:

R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits are a key part of the Government’s strategy to support innovation in the UK and typically, most SMEs qualify; it can help reduce their corporation tax liability or can be claimed as a cash sum. With claims of up to 130% of qualifying expenditure a typical claim value is approx. £61.5k.

RSA Grant Funding

RSA Grant Funding refers to a discretionary grant that can be awarded to limited companies, partnerships and sole traders who aim to develop a project that directly create or safeguard jobs within your business in Scotland. Up to 30% of eligible costs can be secured

Local Authority Funding

Local Authority Funding (Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway) such as matched funding, By Design and Workplace Innovation grants providing up to 70% funds.

Angel Investors

Angel Investors to provide an injection of business capital. Our relationships with the Angels means that we can quickly provide you with right potential investors

Our team of highly skilled and commercially aware funding experts successfully deliver on a multitude of funding initiatives to our clients daily.

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