R&D Tax Credits: Why they apply to you

A typical client’s success story

Many businesses think that R&D tax credits are not for them as ‘They don’t do R&D ‘

Here’s an example of why it does!

Our client is a typical SME in the environmental sector with 8 employees and a turnover of £700k. After an initial qualifying meeting, completion of our templates and their accountants (with our guidance) submitting the claim, they received a successful claim award of £44k after only four weeks.

Our experienced staff took our client through the simple three-stage process involved in our client’s journey to successfully gaining R&D Tax Credits.


Initially, the client’s perception was that R&D did not apply to them.

After a brief chat, we identified that our client had spent time over the last two years, investing time & resources into creating efficiencies in his processes which, from our experience, qualified as R&D expenditure. Namely:

R&D opportunity identified.

Having identified the R&D opportunity, the rest of the process became reasonably straightforward. Through the use of our bespoke templates and with the guidance of our R&D specialists, we quickly guided the client through their claim.


With minimal time and effort, using our templates and examples of previous successful claims provided:


The client’s accountant (with our assistance) processed the claim with HMRC, by amending his CT600 – Corporation Tax returns for the last two financial years.

All our client then had to do was wait for HMRC approval of our claim (success rate running at 95% plus) to be paid as a cash sum directly from HMRC to their bank account.

With over £500k successfully claimed for our clients in the last quarter, there’s no reason why this success story couldn’t be yours.

Talk to one of our R&D experts on 01292 388 031, email at info@amas.biz, or even come along to our office at 8 Miller Road, Ayr.


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