‘R&D Tax Credits don’t apply to me’: Beer Industry

To celebrate International Beer Day, we thought we’d investigate some of the breweries across the UK that carry out R&D Tax Credit qualifying activities. The process of sourcing new ingredients and experimenting with them to produce new flavours of beer, creates a scientific uncertainty as there is no guarantee that they can achieve the desired taste as well as colour and acidity.

1. Innis and Gunn

Based in Edinburgh, Innis and Gunn’s beers have unique flavours of oak which they continue to develop to create new products. Due to their popularity, in April 2017, they located west and set up a flagship bar and micro-brewery, The Beer Kitchen, on Ashton Lane in Glasgow’s west end – their first branch where they brew on-site. They are also enjoying global success as the bestselling British bottled beer in Canada and 2nd bestselling in Sweden. The bespoke ‘Oakerator’ gives the brews their unique flavour. It is an oak percolator where oak chips are placed, with the beer then being pumped through them to create the woody taste. Their constant development of new flavours, like maple and thistle rye ale, and unique process has allowed them to successfully gain R&D tax credits.


2. Moor Beer Co.

Bristol-based and passionate about unfined beer, Moor Beer Co. are one of the most innovative brewers in the South West as they continue to develop new brews. Due to their desire to produce unfined beer, they need to create new ways of storing and transporting their products. They became the first canned beer to be CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) accredited as they invested heavily in their canning line and process control to ensure their product could still survive as a live ale while canned. Their latest development has been a canning line to keep up with their international demand. Due to help from their accountants, they realised that R&D tax credits were something they could take advantage of.

3. Gadds’ – The Ramsgate Brewery

Gadds’ are award-winning brewers in East Kent, known for their modern, local ales. They recognise that to stay competitive, they must continue to innovate by launching new flavours of beer each year. Thus, they have gained R&D tax credits for activities that they, simply, deem necessary to survive. Not only new products qualify them for these tax reliefs but processes as well. During the brewing process, this company experimented with unusual ways of adding hop aromas, as the usual method would be to put hop pellets into the beer. They created a bespoke piece of equipment to test their new methods from an existing vessel and this project qualified for R&D tax credits. This incentive relieved some of the financial risk that comes with being an innovative brewer.

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