Management Accounting is the foundation
of good decision-making and growth

Management Accounting

Management Accounting is about creating value within your business.

While financial accounting is largely about looking back in time at your past performance, Management Accounting is about looking forward and achieving your business plans.

To successfully manage and grow your business you need to identify, measure, interpret and communicate what’s happening within your business. This is the foundation for good decision-making and growth.

Why is Management Accounting important?

With a clear picture of performance, strengths and potential bottlenecks, it’s possible to make informed decisions.

  • How do you price your product or service if you don’t know the true cost?
  • How can you make an investment if you’re not sure what the return will be?
  • Where should you focus resources if you’re not sure where you need them?

What are the benefits?

Our relationship will lead to:

  • Fresh energy and a new start for your business
  • Quick wins with process and efficiency improvements
  • Clarity in decision-making, a happier team and an improved work-life balance
  • A proactive business focus with controlled implementation of growth plans

Management Accounting combines accounting and simple management tools and techniques to give you a clear view of your business, what’s been happening, where it’s going, and how it’s done. Management information lets you plan for the future and measure progress.

What we do

We work together to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Working with you at every stage and building a relationship based on trust and shared understanding, we’ll take a phased approach to developing and understand your business, what you’re trying to achieve and what issues might exist.

We work with established and growing businesses across Scotland producing management information, monitoring performance and aiding decision-making. We discuss and review management accounts at your premises, providing valuable advice directly to your management team and decision-makers.

How we approach Management Accounting

management accounting process