‘R&D don’t apply to me’: Construction Industry


Most buildings are highly unique in their structure and design in order to work in different areas. This requires innovative thinking to create bespoke solutions for clients and therefore, companies take a constant approach to R&D. However, out of 20,830 claims made in 2014-15, only 480 came from the construction industry. One theory is that because R&D is viewed as a necessity in this sector, the processes are not recognised as being innovative and thus, believe that R&D Tax Credits do not apply to them. We want to show that companies operating in the construction industry are exactly the kind of businesses that should be making claims, and have compiled examples of firms that have done just that:


  1. Structural Metal Decks (SMD) Ltd


SMD Ltd are based in Poole and are a specialist construction company. The clue is in the name with their area of expertise. They specialise in the supply and installation of steel deck flooring systems and have done since the 1980s. Composite decking like theirs is very popular for multi-story non-residential buildings. From the Shard to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, SMD Ltd have an impressive portfolio of construction projects and so it was no surprise that their work had to be innovative to help produce some of the most distinctive buildings in the UK. After working with an R&D specialist company, they realised they could double the claim they previously were quoted from one of the Big Four accounting firms as they investigated qualifying indirect activities that were ignored, previously.



  1. 8build


Operating in the construction industry as a main contractor, 8build provide bespoke solutions for clients who require anything from refurbishment of their office to a new school built from scratch. An example of a qualifying project is the development of a sophisticated cantilever scaffolding design to combat the difficulties of adding two storeys to a building that was still occupied and next to an active railway line. To highlight the range of work that 8build carry out, they were also eligible for R&D Tax Credits for the circular glass display case they constructed for the two tonne statue that is ‘Saint Michael overcoming Satan’ situated in the UCL Wilkins building in London. 8build successfully constructed a case that was aesthetically pleasing while supporting the weight of the statue due to complex calculations and design. A staggering £6.5 million was awarded to 8build over three claims for their innovative work.


  1. Croft Goode


A five- figure sum was welcomed by this architectural company based in Lancashire. As part of their process they incorporate technology such as 3D printers to bring their designs to life and Building Information Modelling (BIM) to allow them to track the cost and efficiency of the build at all stages. Croft Goode embrace technology and believe that BIM enhances project collaboration and coordination by uniting teams from the build and design process. The visualisations it can create allow them to see how a building will feel and operate while still in the design process. From schools to football stadiums they have a varied portfolio and through the use of this technology and their creativity they have produced innovative ideas, qualifying them for R&D Tax Credits. Mick Goode, co-founder of the company, praised the great work done by the R&D expert firm they worked with in producing the technical reports required by HMRC and were delighted with the end result.


If you are operating in the construction industry producing innovative work then do not hesitate to contact us on 01292 388 031 or via email at info@amas.biz. You could be due thousands!